What personal life coaching is about...

It's about exploring, getting clear, and challenging yourself to uncover what's really holding you back. It's learning that stress, chaos, and overwhelm is totally optional and very expensive.

It's getting clear about what isn't working in your life and adopting new life skills to turn things around - with the support of a skilled professional who has helped create real results for people just like you. 

My clients experience progressive life alignment - so what they think, say, and do are in harmony. 


I'll help you:

  • Heal your thinking around old wounds
  • Spot the behavior patterns that keep looping in your life and teach you to break them
  • Learn how to move through your emotions more quickly
  • Understand your intuition and how to access it
  • Create and lovingly honor boundaries that keep you energetically protected
  • Navigate situations and challenges when you feel weak in the knees
  • Soothe relationships without needing to change others
  • Increase your confidence
  • Get along with "difficult" people without being a doormat
  • Change your circumstances from a place of contentment - not resentment
  • Quiet your inner critic
  • Simplify how you care for and interact with your space
  • Uncover creativity and interests that help you feel nurtured
  • Let go of perfectionism and the need to control everything (which is so exhausting)

The methods I will teach you are practical and they work.
I know because I practice them in my life and have taught them to many happy clients (see below).


How I'm different...

I believe you can overdose on self-help and end up more confused and bewildered than when you started. I won't let that happen. We'll keep things simple - with the right amount of personal exploration (because who knows yourself better than you?) balanced with the right amount of guidance and insights from me (because I'm outside the situation and can see things you can't).

Our time together is a safe and private space for you to let everything bubble to the surface. All the stuff you keep stuffed inside - that you don't know what to do with. The inner obstacles that make you feel selfishweak, scattered, sick and tired, or scared to change when everyone expects you to stay just the way you are

I will ask you questions that take you inside yourself as you tap into your own inner wisdom. I will challenge you. I will help you shift your thinking and lighten your energy. I will keep you focused when you desire to wander.

I will hold the space for your session because I believe in you and your journey.
Oh, and we'll laugh. And sometimes I swear;)

After our sessions you will feel lighter, clearer, and happier with yourself...all of yourself.


How it works...

Your monthly package begins the day you enroll. After enrollment, you will be emailed a digital welcome packet and Discovery & Assessment Questionnaire.

We will meet by phone (or skype if you live outside the continental U.S.) This works beautifully because you can meet with me from the comfort of your home, office, or car (if you are taking a break from work).

Your sessions will be scheduled for the same time each week because regular weekly sessions give you consistent support, guidance, and inspiration at the pace of your life. We will meet for three consecutive weeks with one week off - to give you time to integrate your new life skills.

Within 24 hours after your weekly session I will email your session recording to you with notes on session insights and practices. In between sessions I will support you with unlimited email support, a confidential collaborative document, and 10 minute laser calls* for those times when you need fast feedback.

Package prepayment is required unless we agree upon other arrangements.
I do not issue refunds, however you may gift your sessions to a friend.
Sessions can be rescheduled 24 hours in advance (last minute exceptions = illness & emergency).
Missed sessions (without 24 notice) will be forfeited.
Our coaching contract ends at the close of the last month of your purchased package.

* Laser calls included in the 3, 6, and 12 month packages.

deana ward testimonials.png

"Deana's work is life-altering.

 When I started my PATH I was overwhelmed and felt stuck. I knew it was time for change, but taking those steps created a lot of inner turmoil for me.

The biggest thing that has shifted for me is - now I trust myself and feel equipped to make decisions that serve my happiness and my purpose.

My favorite part about our sessions has been the feeling of direction that I get each time we meet. Every session surprises me. I pretty much leave every session with my mind completely blown.

As a coach myself, I can say that Deana has serious skills. But in addition to that she is a super caring and loving person.

She has helped me get where I want to be physically and mentally and has taught me how to continue on my path of self-discovery - so that I can become the highest possible version of myself!"
- Kristyn Hanquist  |  Lincoln NE

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"As a result of coaching with you, I have to say the most noticeable change for me is the introduction of calm back into my life. I was so easily frustrated by situations and by others’ actions.

I would be so unhappy after getting upset with my family or someone else. You have taught me how to manage my thoughts and reactions to situations. Now my days go smoother because I no longer feel the guilt from quickly snapping at someone. This is such a relief!

Another interesting change is that I sleep so much better! I used to lay awake and worry, or wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back to sleep. Thoughts would spin around in my head and I would lay awake almost every night. I fall asleep so easily now and am able to go right back to sleep if I wake up.

Learning how to release my worries and thoughts when I need to has truly been a blessing."
- Kelly Gracy | San Jose CA

"Deana has this amazing gift of trimming away all the excess mental clutter to leave me feeling hopeful and even excited about moving forward. She does this so naturally and seems to have such a fitting solution for whatever I throw at her. More than anything, I feel an internal shift: She's teaching me to find those solutions on my own! She's kind and real; and I feel so fortunate to be working with her."  
--Amy Uskoski, Spearfish SD


"Deana's humor and compassion ground you and make you feel at ease. The life-shift methods you learn from her will guide you on your journey for the rest of your life.  I am grateful that she has chosen to share her gift with the world...she has changed my life immensely." 
-- Alexa Arnold, Chicago, IL

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"After a session with Deana I feel so much lighter. Somehow the world feels different. What's amazing to me is how this feeling ripples out into all the areas of my life to create what feels like a wave of joy that my kids, husband, and everyone I interact with want to ride with me. This truly is life changing stuff!"
-- E. Chambers, Syracuse NY


"I have really enjoyed working with Deana. She is authentic and helps you take overwhelming things and simplify them.  As a working mother of three-year-old twins she has helped me focus on my priorities and given me strategies create more peace and ease with my family too!"
-- Sara White, Bloomington IL

"Your coaching helped to propel me out of an accounting job, which does NOT align with who I am, into the Founder and CEO of my own company! You are a God send! Thanks for helping me co-create my reality."
-- current client

"Sometimes we dive deep in our sessions so that we can untangle behavior 'imprints' that I didn't even realize were the source of the same kinds of stuff that always seems to 'happen to me.' There are moments when I wish Deana would just tell me what to do but I'm always glad she takes me through the work of uncovering my own inner wisdom because I'm learning how to trust my myself and let me tell you...it feels good!"
-- current client